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“In recent studies, 14 out of 15 people lowered their vascular age by an average of 8 years after just 6 months of using X39. IT’S NOT ANTI-AGING, IT’S AGE REVERSING.”

-David Schmidt, CEO, Inventor of LifeWave

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About Changing Lives Instantly…

I'm Lena Cunningham!

Before I changed this one thing, I was someone who drove with my left foot on the dash of the car because of discomfort in my legs due to poor circulation. My feet had become numb, the bottoms felt like plastic when walking barefoot on hard surfaces, I had sharp joint pain, and I fatigued easily.

After I started utilizing various technologies that promote better health drug-free, the discomfort in my legs diminished, feeling came back in my feet & toes. Within a day, I was able to drive with both feet on the floor and have since. To my delightful surprise, my joint pain went away, and my energy increased significantly. Then I was introduced to Light Therapy when my wellness improvements continued.

How It Works…


100% Drug Free

Starts Working Instantly 

Tested, Proven Science, & Results

The Highest-Quality Wellness Solution 

Increases Vitality

Money Back Guarantee 

Improves Mental Clarity

Improves Skin Appearance & Confidence

Harnesses Your Body’s Natural Healing

Faster Recovery From Exercise

Enhances Sports Performance


Let me tell you what happened to my husband Randy and me.  He had begun showing signs of memory loss and focus when I went to my friend Linda, a retired RN, and said, okay… I’m ready to try the X39 patches. To our surprise, on the 3rd day, Randy said, “My brain fog is gone.” That got my attention. By months 2-3, his personality was returning. By month 4, he was interacting with others like his old self. My memory improved too!   Before using X39, I was experiencing a stiff right shoulder, could barely sleep on it and my neck… if I turned my head wrong, it caused enough pain, I felt I could pass out. By 6 weeks, the pain subsided.  By month 4, I noticed my skin had significantly improved!   We liked the product so much that I decided to join the business to make it available to other people like us.  And that’s what I do. We continue to see improvements on a regular basis.  We are forever grateful and will continue using this product for the rest of our lives!
changing lives instantly lifewave patch testimonial
Randy & Lena
I feel so blessed that I found these amazing patches that helped me after having long-term symptoms after being sick when nothing else did.
I lost my taste and smell and got distorted taste and smell in October of 2020 and for three and a half years I tried everything that I could or that was recommended or that had worked for some and nothing worked.
I suffered from pain, fatigue, anxiety and  brain fog as well.
When a friend of mine told me I should  try these patches and I did and after about 4 to 6 weeks I started tasting and smelling things again.
My brain fog was so much better and I had incredible energy and my body just felt better.
I would and do recommend these patches to everyone!
Vern: “Man… I could hardly walk two weeks ago! My knee was killing me. I spent most of my time in the truck supervising my crew as they worked. They started giving me a hard time calling me ’old man’ one called me ‘grand pa.’ ” Me: “So how is your knee now?” Vern: “Ninety percent better!” Me: “Would you say the X39 patches are the reason your knee is 90% better?” Vern: “That’s the only thing that I’ve changed so had to be.” Me: “That is so exciting! I love hearing how this technology is changing lives!”
“The Bells Palsy came into my life and remained for a year and a half, never really going completely away. As soon as I started the X39 in Dec 2019, I felt my face trying to restructure on Day 2. I want to say it took at least a month or two to truly feel at a normal state. It was simply amazing and I am thankful for Lifewave X 39 stem cell activation patches. Although I am very conservative on my budget, I will never go without using the patches every day! In fact, I wear two each day. The stem cell activation patch and the glutathione patch!”
On X39 for 6 weeks. • Suffered from hormonal acne and pain • After 1 week Pain – Gone! • Inflammation – Gone! • Bumps on arms and back – Gone! • Skin Smooth and soft!

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